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Preparing an approximate estimate for an “office fit-out budget” is quite a complex procedure, and is a critical task for organizations. Office fit-out rates can differ depending on the tenancy and the level of works required and workstations or furniture selected. Assuring the financial estimates are correct is the best way to avoid re-visiting Capital Expenses. Relatedly, much uncertainty has arisen from the use of the word “fit-out budget” as its inferred meaning can be quite different across the related segments of the UAE construction industry:

Budgets that have appeared from “builders fit-out” estimates have caught a few people short, with no allocation for joinery, furniture, window blinds, or other services in the budget;

Budgets that have evolved from “furniture suppliers” may not necessarily include accurate interior construction or fit-out/building costs;

It is important to understand the following definitions well, before finalizing an estimate or budget for an office fit-out:

Base Building fit-out – if you are considering a brand new or fully renovated tenancy, it may be in a “lock-up”, “base-building fit-out” or “base-building shell” condition, which indicates that there is no internal walls, carpets, painting, finishes or furnishings supplied. In many cases, the tenancy will include basic services and have a ceiling, base lighting, electrical services switchboard / MDF, kitchen, and toilet facilities.

The tenant will usually in charge for the “office interior fit-out” additional internal partitions, joinery, lighting, supplementary air-conditioning, power and data, office workstations, office furniture, and special finishes. Tenants need to be careful when considering office tenancies that do not include the basic base-building fit-out or essential services as these can be of considerable cost to the tenant to acquire and these costs could be passed over with the leasing agent/landlord so as to be off-set in the leasing agreement.

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Office fit-out – is used fairly generically and indifferently within the industry. An application for an office fit-out estimate from a partition contractor will generally assume you are referring to fit-out rates for walls & doors and will not necessarily include “hidden costs” such as the sites availability, location, consideration of the ceiling height, additional services, carpet protection and/or corporate finishes. Similarly, an estimate from an office furniture supplier won’t certainly allow for custom furniture sizes, custom joinery, electrical & data requirements, building alterations, or partitioning.

Finally, If a tenant engages different trades to undertake their office fit-out (i.e. one contractor for office partitioning and building works, a company for workstations & furniture, another services provider for data and electrical and so on) there is a large possibility they will end up engaging a project management firm to arrange these providers to meet cost, time and quality constraints which adds another layer of cost which is again often over-looked or not accounted for.

Office design & constructor Full Package fit-out – the full package fit-out is normally provided by a project management-focused company that is able to provide all components of an office fit-out, including project management, architectural design, building works, services, workstations, furniture, and finishes. As such a complete design and construct full-package office fit-out estimate is an accurate budget number you can have much more confidence in.

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