River Island Interior Decoration LLC

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Inspirational Spaces

Detailed, handcrafted, and unparalleled designs


Long Relationships

Building lasting relationships with clients & brands


Successful Years

Leader in innovation & design for 13 years

Our Work Process

Exploring what our client's vision is and what we want them to feel meets in this stage. Exploration is the heart of our process. Before we being any design process, it's absolute to know everything about the space - from architectural details to psychometrics involved. This is the beginning of a creative journey through surprise, discovery, and desire.

We design not only experiences; we enunciate a vision. We believe that every client has a story, and we're here to create an environment where they feel warmth, inspired, and intrigued. River Design Interior is a group of dynamic, expert, and creative designers and our commitment and caliber are consistently reflected through every phase of the design and construction process.

From the first stage to the last hand-off, we cover all the basics - we may not be able to list down all the processes in detail here. We cover all the basics, and we also want to know who you are and what you want. Every step is done with an immaculately detailed plan, and our work is not done until we hear you say "Marvelous!".

A Team Specializing in Creating Experiences

We’re a dynamic and passionate team of crazy-for-interior-and-innovation people creating experiences that linger in your mind the moment you step into space. Our love for art, attention to detail, and affection for craftsmanship are visible in every piece we design and manufacture. Want to know what makes us unrivaled? Visit us!