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River Island is a leading Commercial Interior Design company in Dubai, UAE. Established in 2008, River Island Interior continues to raise the bar in the interior industry and give only the best to our clients. From towering offices to culture-inspired stores, River Island has successfully designed 400+ projects that defy traditional forms.

Retail Interior Design Services

    River Island Interior team takes pride in creating one of the most iconic and innovative retail interior designs in the UAE and the Middle East.

    Retail Interior Designs are always a fun challenge and chance for us to connect with the brand. 

    We work with local and international brands to imbibe their identity, values, and beliefs in every corner of the space.

    From an independent shop to multiunit enterprises, River Island Interior has immense experience in working on every commercial property. 

    We utilize all the physical space, helping the brand reach consumers in a meaningful, creative and clever way.

    Inline stores, independent shops, hypermarkets, franchises, and chain stores – we’ve worked with some impressive clients and continue to extend our work in the local and international markets.

Office Interior Design Services

Mixed-used towers to sky-high workstations, River Island Interior combines functionality with elegance when it comes to Office Interior Design Services. We offer complete Office Interior Design services and solutions in the UAE.
Our in-house Joinery and MEP facility makes our work easy and quick to create and install designs that give a perfect professional style to your office. Our experts utilize every corner in the office to create space that doubles up as leisure, work, meeting, and activity corners. River Island Interior’s office interior designs reflect the most elegant, balanced, inspirational work environments. Your office is your second home. Give your office a refreshing and energizing look!

Hospitality Interior Design Services

With more than a decade of experience under our belt, we conjure up futuristic, vintage, and classical designs. We help brands stay true to their style and create oases that their clients want to experience and live in. Dramatic debuts to celebrated evolutions, every property has its own period and culture – we create spaces exactly where people want to come together, socialize and experience out-of-ordinary.
Want to create a place for action? River Island Interior is the best Hospitality Interior Design firm in the UAE and the Middle East. Sprawling properties to privately-owned resorts, mixing elegance with functional refinements, pulling inspiration from surrounding topography, celebrating the past with an eye on the future – are our favorite and most popular hospitality interior design styles!

River Island Interior - The Best in Industry

River Island Interior is dedicated to creating nature-focused, thoughtful, lived-in, artistic, and top-notch commercial interior designs in the UAE and around the globe. Whether you’re in the neighborhood or two flights away, give us a call. We promise to create the best, unmatched commercial interior designs within the budget and time.


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Residential Interior Design

Minimalist, grandest, monolithic, bold statements, super-creative, signature, modern - we create designs that articulate your style.

Commercial Interior Design

From uptown warehouses to a hybrid warehouse, we turn any workspace timeless, comfortable, sustaining, and operational.

Healthcare Interior Design

River Island Interior provides the best combination of soothing and functional healthcare designs, making visitors feel calm and at ease.

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Restaurant & Lounge Interior

We balance cutting-edge technology with unique pieces, presenting fully immersive experiences - that you never want to step out of!

Interior Fit-out Solutions

Carried with the highest standards and within the proffered cost and time frames, our fit-out solutions combine functionality with economy and aesthetics.

Joinery Solutions

Made from high-grade material, each piece of our Joinery furniture is the epitome of traditional and modern woodwork, including veneers and plastic.

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