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Creating People-Focused & Destination-Inspired Designs. 

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Todays’ restaurant owners know that their spaces must be more than a place to get a bite to eat. People do more than eating in restaurants – unwind, work, celebrate, meet, and more! River Island Interior turns restaurants into people’s go-to-spot where they can do more than just eating. 

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Creating timeless dining experiences

From creating an instantly memorable identity to a cherished dining experience, River Island Interior has more than a decade of experience in understanding and creating our client’s style and persona. Our experienced team handcrafts and curates every element, from dining area layout down to the color of bathroom drain fixtures and door handles.

We convert our client’s vision to designs that they want their customers to experience. From bravery and exploration in colors to soft, intimate floorings – we give longevity to our client’s identity.

Functionality + Narrative = River Island Interior Design

Our first step is to understand what kind of customers the restaurant owner seeks to attract. Next, we move on to know what story/stories our clients want to impersonate through their dining space. The whole concept of the design then surrounds this concept, a mix of our client’s vision and story.

Grandeur designs fail if they are not functional enough when it comes to restaurant interior designing. We ask our clients, “What route is the food carried from the kitchen to the guests’ table? How is it delivered? How long we want to keep the dining area?” From the kitchen to seating areas – the placement of all the elements contribute to the operations. If people can’t get a quick drink or the food reaches cold, then space fails. And that influences the business.

River Island Interior team provides end-to-end solutions, right from creating art decors to installing fixtures in the restaurant interior design. 

Unhampered Experience

Traffic, lighting, restrooms, upholstery, fixtures, we work on every tricky element that a restaurant owner might miss out on the first sight. We start with the restaurant’s floor plan that gravitates the ambiance of the restaurant. A clear operational layout for staff and guests to move freely is the first step towards our design plan.

Carefully selected restaurant chairs, tables, and accent pieces are the most underestimated choices in furniture selection for a restaurant. And hence, our artisans and team design accessories that elevate the restaurant’s vibe. Our unique decor serves as a reminder that the owner’s or chef’s exquisite details extend beyond food – how they want their guests to feel and the atmosphere they present with the food.

River Island Interior: Creating Personality-Full Restaurant Interior Designs

River Island Interior is proud to keep raising the bar in the Restaurant Interior Design industry in the UAE and the Middle East. From the restaurant’s kitchen and storage to restrooms designs, River Island Interior carve out all the areas, making the restaurant a must-visit and photogenic location.

Share with us your story, and we’ll convert it into the space that reflects your identity!



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