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River Island Interior: Building Smarter Healthcare Structures & Oases

Healthcare Interior Design is one of the most challenging projects in the interior design industry. With the evolving technology, making intelligent use of space becomes a necessity. River Island Interior is the leader in healthcare interior designs in UAE and Middle East.

No exceptions.

For healthcare facilities, cleanliness and space utilization is not negotiable. Local codes or ordinances impact interior design decisions, and most healthcare facilities in the UAE must comply with HSE guidelines. River Island Interior infuses the highest quality fixtures and structures to ensure the protection of both employees and patients.

We create design components that meet international standards of space standards, human engineering, ergonomics, accessibility, and safety and mobility requirements. Healthcare Interior Design in UAE is complex like any other nation and requires to follow space standards. Having worked on numerous healthcare projects, our team knows that every detail from dimensions of corridors to functional paths counts.

Upholding Space, Dimensions & Standard

Ceiling height requirements, department size, facilities fixtures, and fittings are also detailed to ensure optimal unit sizing. When designing optimal, safe, and efficient healthcare facilities, everything is equally important, including staff stations, workbenches, and shelving.

A lot goes into designing healthcare facilities –

Healing architecture

Treatment rooms, labs, suits, administrative offices, conference rooms, fitness area, patient rooms, lobbies, outdoor or indoor patio – we present end-to-end interior design services for medical facilities and practitioners in the UAE and the Middle East.

We favor that healthcare centers should feel less like hospitals and more like residences. We have only one mantra for our healthcare interior designs – creating a comforting facility to make patients and visitors feel safe and invited. It isn’t just medicine that makes you feel better; colors, textures, patterns, furnishings, and artwork that minimize intimidating medical equipment and offer a healing aesthetic also create tremendous influence.

Bringing Life to Spaces

Environments have an immense impact on us, physically and mentally. We aim to create dealings that establish an immediate sense of approachability and warmth in the medical facilities. Sunlight, color palettes, furniture, lightings, when assembled carefully and artfully, bolster collaborative care and allows for a truly patient-centric approach.

While our goal is to create fresh, modern aesthetic hospital interior designs that cut down the cost, we only sell what we promise. You get what you pay for. And in healthcare, the way an organization is illustrated is just as important as how well it delivers care. A positive reputation among patients, visitors and staff, is essentially invaluable. Investing in cleanable, high-quality furnishings and interior design upfront can save from dramatic detriments down the road.

Chic, Functional Healthcare Interior Design with River Island Interior

From surveying to final handoff, River Island Interior stays committed to making design and development easier. We fit interior design in the broader healthcare construction process and help organizations create experiences that cater to and care for both patients and staff.

Developing or remodeling a Healthcare Facility? Call River Island Interior to assist you.


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