Why is Restaurant Interior Design so important?

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Are you thinking of starting a restaurant of your own? Or do you already have a restaurant and wondering if you should upgrade the interiors of the restaurant? Well, do not give it a second thought. The answer is a resounding yes!

The interiors of a restaurant are as important as the quality of food you serve. You must remember that we live in a social media generation, where good food is equivalent to good pictures. You could be serving the best food at your restaurant, with a very modest interior, but the restaurant near you, with lavish interiors and average food, would attract more customers than you.

The importance of good interiors can be proved from the fact that restaurants are not just rated based on their food and services, but also based on their ambiance, and you do not want to lose points on that. In this article, we shall be discussing the importance of restaurant interior design and sharing some tips on how you can upgrade your restaurant.

The importance of Restaurant Interior design


The more lavish the interiors of a restaurant are, the more top-notch it is considered by its customers. A restaurant that serves average/fine food but has a beautiful ambiance will attract more people and they would take time out to visit the place. It affects the brand strategy and therefore, one must make sure that their restaurant does not lose marks on its ambiance.

Instagram friendly

An ideal restaurant does not serve the healthiest and the tastiest food, but the one that has the most gorgeous ambiance. For a gorgeous ambiance, you must avoid bright colors. Instead, go for a light interior and space rich in natural light. Remember scrolling influencers on Instagram and wishing you could visit the places they get to dine at? Well, it is always the interiors of a restaurant that attract you and not the details of the food they post about.


In the age of Instagram, a product needs a USP to be sold. A restaurant is nothing but a product, from the marketing point of view. Therefore, if there is anything unique about the interiors of your restaurant, make sure you advertise it well. Build most of your advertising around your USP and make it your selling point


A restaurant with a beautiful ambiance and comfortable seating arrangement attracts more customers than a restaurant that compromises on its looks and interiors. If you are trying to build something unique, make sure that the uniqueness does not take away the comfort of your place. As per a survey, several restaurants in the past decade tried recycling tires to make seats. As much as the idea was unique, it backfired for many of them, since they weren’t able to retain the comfort in their seating facilities.

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A place that smells good

The importance of restaurant interior design has been mentioned but a place that smells pleasant, cannot be forgotten easily. Smell controls a major part of our memory. It reminds us of people, places, and times. The better a place smells, the more people it attracts. Even after having a beautiful interior, if you do not use good room fresheners for your space, everything could backfire within seconds.

Nobody likes to dine out at a place that smells bad. To avoid any such mishappenings, room fresheners are there at your resort, but you can also use more indoor plants in your space, to create a more pleasant vibe. These plants will also keep the air fresh, and maintain the positive vibes of your place.


Restaurant interior design is one of the most important aspects that affect its customer base and popularity. The more lavish the interiors of a restaurant are, the more customers it will attract, even if it does not serve the tastiest food in the town. The interiors of a restaurant should be Instagram friendly and the seating should be comfortable. While advertising your restaurant, make sure you advertise your USP very well. Also, one must make sure that their space smells pleasant at all times of the day.