A New Take on Restaurant Interior Design


When you get to a restaurant, one of the first things you will look at is the decor. In many cases, this particular appearance of a restaurant is as important as the food that the restaurant serves. To some, it is more important than the food. The truth is that generally, smart decor can make up for when the food is not up to par. To that end, when it comes to restaurant interior design, no detail should be neglected.

Any random city will likely have its fair share of Italian restaurants, Chinese inspired restaurants among many others. While the food in any of these restaurants is bound to be pretty good, and in some cases, it will be out of this world, what can usually obstruct it from standing apart among the others is the lack of original decor that is fitting of the food it offers.

That is not to say that the restaurants in question treated decor as a second thought. The restaurants may very well have spent a large sum of money on the restaurant’s interior design. The question is that too often, it is the same design you see everywhere else. Chinese restaurants attempting to capture the old world look of China, Italian restaurants aiming to look like a cafe deep in the heart of Tuscany. From a design standpoint, the bottom line is, been there, done that, and seen it a thousand times.


Where certain innovation in restaurant interior design happens is when restaurants shed the tired way of designing and take a new approach is where things get impressive. For example, when you look at Chinese design, and especially Italian design, there is an old-world side and then there is a modern side to decorating. Why not take your restaurant’s design in a way few do, the modern take.

What about getting rid of those old tired Buddha statues with a wonderful Asian-inspired orchid arrangement? Diversely, try replacing that overdone Tuscan style faux finished wall treatment with some light and glossy Italian travertine tile. Get rid of those red paper shade bulb lights and bring in modern luminaries and get rid of that dated Italian chandelier with some brass insert pot lights.

Allowing for a radical new design on a very well-used theme such as an Italian or Chinese restaurant is a good way to keep your restaurant filled to capacity in season and out. Any kind of cuisine, from foreign to domestic can capitalize on this alternative restaurant interior design. The restaurant business is a challenging one, any advantage you can find can be a game-changer. Your restaurant’s decor could be a game-changer for you.

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