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Best Interior Design Company in Dubai ! How It Began

Established in 2008, River Island Interior Decoration L.L.C. quickly become a leader in the Interior Design industry in the UAE. Since then, our team has grown to over 60 members today, with the vision of creating experiences reflective of our and our client’s journey. River Island is an award-winning design studio specializing in interior design and branding for influential residential, hospitality, and high-end commercial interiors. We are one of the best interior design companies in Dubai. We have successfully completed over 600 projects in the Middle East and UAE for major corporations and private owners.

What We Do

River Island Interior studio is a highly distinguished interior design studio in the UAE with a proven track record of delivering the highest international standards of interior design services to our eclectic clients. The intersection of thoughtful architecture and carefully crafted designs have led us to work with small businesses as well as large corporations. We now are a fully-fledged experienced group of creative professionals in interior architectural design, transforming innovative ideas into unparalleled and charismatic experiences.

Why Choose River Island Interior?

River Island Interior has been a leader in the interior fit-out industry since 2008. We are one of the best interior design companies in Dubai. Known for our innovative and influential designs, we give you complete interior design solutions from joinery to electro-mechanical work. And we continue to be the benchmark of the interior design industry, giving our clients only the best of what they deserve. Want to transform your space within a budget with less mess and fuss? River Island Interior is your one-stop destination for all interior and structural solutions – it’s what our clients say!

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Our Vision

We always strive to exceed what we promise. Our vision was to make the best Interior Design a shared inspirational art. And we as a company couldn’t be prouder of continuing this legacy. Our goal is to surpass our client’s requests in the most creative and feasible ways. We continually focus on creating design and structural solutions that are exceptionally luxe and reflective. River Island Interior continues serving healthcare, hospitality, and private clients with architecture, planning, and interior design services.

Our Mission

River Island Interior team has partnered with leading brands in the UAE and the Middle East. And we continue to partner with the world’s most renowned brands to create rich and functional designs that inspire communities around the world to experience art in the most experiential way possible. Our inclination towards creating innovation and experimentation in interior design solutions always keeps us on our toes to challenge assumptions that catalyze new trends.

Our Prestigious Clients
Our Work Process

No matter how complex the requirements are, River Island Interior always creates flexible, durable, cost-effective, and transparent design solutions on time and within budget. The River Island Interior process is fueled by creativity, partnership, and curiosity. We love to (and have a reputation for) work on projects that challenges our process. Our architecture, interior design, and site-specific installations work in residential, retail, and commercial projects have led us to our Collaborative Approach – we work with artists and artisans across the UAE and the Middle East to give life to exceptional concepts.

Interior Design Company in Dubai,

Exploring what our client's vision is and what we want them to feel meets in this stage. Exploration is the heart of our process. Before we being any design process, it's absolute to know everything about the space - from architectural details to psychometrics involved. This is the beginning of a creative journey through surprise, discovery, and desire.

We design not only experiences; we enunciate a vision. We believe that every client has a story, and we're here to create an environment where they feel warmth, inspired, and intrigued. River Design Interior is a group of dynamic, expert, and creative designers and our commitment and caliber are consistently reflected through every phase of the design and construction process.

From the first stage to the last hand-off, we cover all the basics - we may not be able to list down all the processes in detail here. We cover all the basics, and we also want to know who you are and what you want. Every step is done with an immaculately detailed plan, and our work is not done until we hear you say "Marvelous!".

A Full Range Of Design Services

From the first step (the moment you book an appointment) to the final executive stage, our design director manages each project to keep our clients in the process and make sure they know what we do.

Let's Design Your Space

We don’t specialize in particular designs – we want to design your style. Got a vision for your space? No matter how small or massive it is, we promise to make it an inspirational and functional space. Dare to be extraordinary? Let’s create well-thought, phenomenal spaces for you!


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