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"I never thought my home would be my favorite space!"

Yes, that’s what keeps us motivated. River Island Interior is not just your boring, ordinary interior design firm. We don’t stop until you say, “I’m amazed!”. River Island Interior has remodeled and designed hundreds of homes and continues to carry the legacy of bringing art and innovation to residentials and homes in the UAE and the Middle East.

From fabrics to handmade brass railings, we create handcrafted lifestyle-led residential interior design solutions for private owners. The soothing or funky color palette, vibrant or soft silhouettes, old-world interior, or a different world – we blend comfort and beauty, adapting your lifestyle.

Villa Interior Design

River Island Interior’s signature talent comes from our client’s uniqueness. We want to celebrate every corner of the home. Ceilings, lights, fabrics, shades, decors, floors – everything is carefully curated and created by our team. And it starts right from booking the first appointment. We do not focus only on design; we give you an exceptional array of amenities to choose from, that best match today’s healthy and active lifestyle.
Mediterranean, Arabic, Moroccan, Contemporary, and Parisian are the most popular villa interior styles among our clients. We do not design one signature style – we design what our clients want. And that’s how we start with our Residential Interior Designing. In our first meetup, we understand your lifestyle, taste, and requirements. Our 3D visualization plan gives you a brief on our recommendations and design ideas. Our expert artisans design each piece of furnishings that will be exclusive for you only.

River Island Interior is the premium Villa Interior Design company in Dubai, UAE, and the Middle East. Swimming pools, gardens, landscapes, kids’ room, majlis, powder room, living room, bedroom, Hamam, sauna, cinema hall, garage, dining, entrance – every space of your home gets a ‘Never Boring, Always Bold’ look.

Apartments & Studio Interior Design

“Fresh, daring designs” is the mantra of our team. Many of our clients prefer subtle, light designs, and some prefer to go brave – which one are you?
You don’t have to decide right away! Our team will talk to you and help you create a vision of what you actually want as a home. Whether you want to focus on minimalistic and low-key textures or experiment with a mix of vintage and contemporary designs, we’ll give you the best of both times. We’re a leader in Apartment Interior Design in the UAE and the Middle East for a reason – solely to craft designs and solutions that reflect your journey.
Our Studio Interior Designs are ensembles of both architecture and lifestyle. We retain the originality of our client’s style. From regency moldings to intricate neoclassical doors, our eye for detail can be seen in every piece of our work. Kitchen, bathroom, storage, balcony, bedroom, lounge area, built-in wardrobes – every corner gets a fresh makeover!

Remain true to your style with River Island Interior

River Island Interior is the leading and most innovative Residential Interior Design company in Dubai, UAE, and the Middle East. Our interior designs remain true to our client’s beliefs. We mix styles, eras, and mediums, bringing together your style with the latest innovation to create environments – indoors and out – that are captivating, cozy, and picturesque.


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MEP Solutions

MEP is the heart of the building. And is responsible for the unseen comfort. Without proper Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing, spaces are not livable.

Commercial Interior Design

From uptown warehouses to a hybrid warehouse, we turn any workspace timeless, comfortable, sustaining, and operational.


Healthcare Interior Design

River Island Interior provides the best combination of soothing and functional healthcare designs, making visitors feel calm and at ease.

restaurant interior design

Restaurant & Lounge Interior

We balance cutting-edge technology with unique pieces, presenting fully immersive experiences - that you never want to step out of!

Interior Fit-out Solutions

Carried with the highest standards and within the proffered cost and time frames, our fit-out solutions combine functionality with economy and aesthetics.

Joinery Solutions

Made from high-grade material, each piece of our Joinery furniture is the epitome of traditional and modern woodwork, including veneers and plastic.

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